Digital Bliss

Apofoitos Website was created by graduates who aspired to create a portal through which student and graduates in Greece could find information regarding all aspects of their studies and also find help via the community based around the online forum.

The initial version of the website contained a news section, an online forum and the ability to create an online account and register for newsletter notifications. Expression Engine was used as the CMS of choice because of its extensibility and reliability. provided the graphic designs and we worked closely the stakeholders on IA and UX managing the project throughout completion.

The first version went live on May 2011.

In subsequent releases we added job search functionality, an events calendar and a database for postgraduate degrees with advanced search functionality.

Technologies used:

  • Expression Engine
  • HMTL
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • Project Management
  • IA
  • UX